Price modification

Why have prices increased?

Without a doubt, you will have noticed that the prices of our most conventional consumer goods, as well as the final cost of invoices, have increased significantly in recent months.

It is very important to point out the increase in prices such as oats, wheat, rice and soybeans, which are raw materials to make basic products for many of our products. The increase in these products fluctuates between 15% and 45%. This has been caused by the drought suffered last year in the producing countries causing a rise in import prices.

Another cause of the rise in prices is the increase in the price of packaging by more than 25%, again, due to a shortage of raw materials to make them and continuous interruptions in the supply chain due to the pandemic.

In addition, the cost of transportation has also been prominently affected by the rise in international freight.

Finally, as you will have noticed on your bill, the supplies are skyrocketing, rising in some cases by up to 150%, especially in electricity and gas. All this added to the conflicts over gas pipelines in Algeria, the uncertainty of Russian supply and the enormous demand from Asia have caused this scandalous rise in prices.

How are we going to proceed from Casa Perris?

This situation is not new to us, we have been suffering uninterrupted increases from suppliers for months. In many references we have managed to maintain the price and in others we have had to update them as much as possible so as not to sell below the cost price.

So we will see over the next few months if price inflation expectations continue to rise or if the situation picks up and stabilizes.

We are aware that this situation does not benefit us at all and in the event that this situation recovers, we promise to pass on the prices to each of the affected products.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email info@casaperris.com or on the phone 630 515 245

Casa Perris Management